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World leading design and manufacture of high performance sonar arrays

Ultrasonic transducer design & manufacture

Our depth of knowledge in the field of piezo-composite technology underpins our design collaborations with renowned clients across the globe.  Since its inception in 2000, Alba has consistently delivered high-quality and reliable products.

"Our expertise in underwater sonar transducers, combined with an innovative team of experienced professionals, provides you with an optimised solution for your requirements."

Working with industry leading clients

Alba designs and manufactures bespoke products for use in defence, oil and gas, commercial and scientific markets.

  • Seafloor Survey
  • Navigation and obstacle avoidance
  • High resolution imaging
  • Intruder detection
  • Mine detection and classification
  • AUV, UUV and ROV deployed systems

Practical & Cost Effective

We provide a cost-effective and efficient service to suit the needs of your business and application

Reliable Operation

Reliability is built into the design of all Alba transducers, and validated in our state-of the-art facility.

Customer Support

We support our clients through the entire product lifecycle, from initial design concept and first-of-type manufacture, through to full-scale production as an integral part of your supply chain.


Alba Composites are based on bespoke designs tailored to specific requirements.


High Power curved arrays manufactured to tight radii.

gold with water droplets

Multi-element Linear Receive Arrays